Coin Party gets featured on the Windows Phone platform

Coin Party! Breaking Ground on Windows Phone!

Coin Party

Coin Party, one of our premium casual games, has been making waves on Windows Phone! Having been recently featured in multiple countries on the Amazon app store, the editors over at Microsoft gave the game a nod for its excellent quality and have selected it for the Windows Phone In-App Merchandising program, which shall see the game marked as a featured app across Windows Phone devices, along with appearing in many of the apps that support Microsoft’s advertising network.


Needless to say, we’re super excited and wish to thank all our players for their immense support for the game. If you haven’t already had a chance to play it, we would recommend that you check out Coin Party on your device and join the fun!

Coin Party is a premium coin pusher game currently available for iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone devices. Coin Party combines the classic coin-pushing casino experience with highly engaging, creative, and immersive game design features to keep players engaged with its addictive gameplay. Check out the game today on:


Google Play Store:
Windows Phone:

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