Focus on technology — Mindstorm Studios leading the way


Mindstorm Studios has made waves in the Pakistani software industry, and continues to stand as a highly venerable company in today’s market. We have once again been spotlighted in a recent editorial on Tribune Pakistan’s website, this time on the subject of leading technological companies in the country.

The article published highlighted an important aspect of how Pakistan can improve its economic growth with more focus on harnessing its assets in technology. Executive Director at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Khurram Zafar has stated in the piece that the country is in dire need for companies like Mindstorm Studios, which is showing great promise. “Mindstorm Studios in Lahore can be the next Supercell if it attracts investment,” Mr. Zafar quoted; and further went on to address that the biggest hurdle such companies are facing is the lack of capital.

We’re really humbled by the opinions of one of Pakistan’s most prestigious universities’ academicians, and are always striving to create the best possible experiences for our employees, our partners and consumers alike.

Source: Focus on technology — Mindstorm Studios leading the way

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